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New City Capital (NCC) starts new companies and helps existing firms flourish.

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Entrepreneurs have always been the backbone of the economy. However, in today’s complex and competitive business environment, NCC has found that many small business owners are battle-weary, and some are reluctant to move forward alone. Whether starting a new company or looking to grow an already established firm, entrepreneurs welcome the strategy, marketing, and finance expertise that NCC provides.

NCC selectively partners with small business owners who desire to grow their business and embrace a team approach. NCC contributes both the management and capital resources needed to accelerate growth, enabling the owner to focus on what he or she does best—serving their customer. In the short-term, success is restoring a founder’s confidence, passion, and drive to compete. Longer term success includes a business that is healthier, larger and more profitable.

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Our Take on Business

NCC envisions communities in which both people and institutions operate and are treated with integrity and respect. This core principle informs a deep sense of corporate responsibility.


NCC broadly defines its stakeholders to not only include investors seeking financial returns, but also employees, vendors, strategic partners, the environment and communities. While NCC has a fiduciary responsibility to investors, we also believe that we have a responsibility to create value for all stakeholders and work toward widespread flourishing.

New City Capital embraces these responsibilities and, over time, seeks to meet and exceed expectations.

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Our Target Companies

NCC selectively partners with exceptional leaders of companies with strong growth potential. Partners are typically leaders with deep industry expertise, a willingness to embrace change and an eagerness for growth. While NCC is industry agnostic, businesses with high quality products, strong brands and a clear strategic advantage are a good fit for NCC’s portfolio.

Our Cycle for Transformation

Study. Refine. Multiply. Track. Repeat.

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  • Study: Identify key performance drivers of the business. Review and implement systems and reporting mechanisms that support sound managerial decisions. Identify sources of unique competitive advantage and allocate investment accordingly.
  • Refine: Design an archetypal, “bionic” business model. Benchmark the existing entity against the performance potential of the archetype. Drive performance improvement and spur organic growth.
  • Multiply: Invest in growth initiatives that emphasize a company’s strengths. NCC typically aims to grow operations 5× within 5 years.
  • Track: Closely manage the organization’s operational performance to ensure that results meet or exceed benchmarks.
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Our Team

Matt Rose

Matt Rose, co-founder and Managing Director

Matt works with New City Capital’s portfolio companies in the areas of strategy, finance, and operations, with an emphasis on risk management.

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Matt is a CFA Charterholder and holds an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and a master’s degree in business administration from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. Prior to NCC, he held various managerial and finance positions in companies including Bloomberg Financial, Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch and Fitch Ratings. While at Fitch, he earned his stripes as a Financial Institutions analyst during the credit crisis.

While in New York, Matt met and married his wife Kirsten. They moved to Charlottesville in 2009, and in 2012, welcomed their first child Peter.

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Barclay Bright

Barclay Bright, co-founder and Managing Director

Barclay Bright is the relationship guy at NCC. He focuses his time on new business development for NCC, while helping our portfolio companies design, market, and sell more products or services. In a word, Barclay is responsible for the top-line growth of the entire NCC family of companies.

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Barclay spent 15 years as a financial advisor for various firms where he consistently ranked in the top 2% of the firms’ producers. Barclay is best described as the consummate “Enterprise” manager, someone who understands well how the varied responsibilities within a business all fit together to drive Strategy. During his prior career, he worked closely with more than 150 businesses owners in Central-Virginia. This vocational experience within NCC’s target market gives Barclay both robust networks and the ability to communicate effectively with the owners of private companies.

Barclay holds a B.A. from the College of William & Mary and an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia.

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Matt McNicoll

Matt McNicoll, Analyst

Matt conducts industry and company analysis for NCC's investment committee. He also leads projects designed to improve portfolio company performance.


Matt loves to work with startups and entrepreneurs because it's fun to build something new. Before joining NCC, Matt conducted research for a Washington, DC data analytics firm which served political campaigns and non-profits. Prior to that he worked for a Central Intelligence Agency contractor in finance and business development.

Matt grew up in Houston, TX and has a Bachelor of Science degree from Grove City College in Pittsburgh, PA. In his spare time he coaches golf and soccer.

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Corey McLellan

Corey McLellan, Managing Partner, New City Consulting

Corey McLellan leads New City Capital's consulting practice, helping clients improve and grow their businesses. He has consulted with growing companies of all sizes and in various stages of their life cycles, with a focus over the past seven years on the energy industry.

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His work for his clients over his 15 year career has been marked by the development of strategies and the implementation of systems that move them into the next stage of growth and expansion. He comes to NCC from GDF SUEZ in Houston. He is a candidate (May 2015) for an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. He holds an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and a BA in History from the University of Virginia, where he was a Jefferson and Echols Scholar. Corey lives in Charlottesville with his wife and four children.

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Emmanuel Vak-Stephens

Emmanuel Vak-Stephens, Summer Associate

Vak is a summer associate primarily responsible for building NCC’s outsourced CFO offerings, analyzing and advising on venture capital opportunities, and assisting with sourcing deals, consulting opportunities, and investors.


Prior to joining NCC, Vak spent eight years with a leading African universal banking group in a number of countries working in business performance management, corporate finance analytics and advisory in corporate and investment banking, structured finance and international trade, syndicated deals in the energy and real estate sector, and project implementation. Vak is Chartered Certified Accountant (CPA, London) and a candidate (May 2015) for an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

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